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Having trained clients for FCA regulated brokerages in the City of London, with a combined client base of over 40,000 clients; Top Forex Targets can now help you

Welcome to Top Forex Targets!

Top Forex Targets has been established to resolve a problem for traders in the Forex industry

The Problem:

The average account size for a typical Forex trader is $2,000 yet Forex industry charges for a Professional training course are around $2,500 with a typical Professional subscription service costing around $200 per month

Traders with the average account size simply can’t afford to pay 150% of their trading capital for a course and 10% of their account each month for Professional analysis. Trying to cover these excessive charges, in our experience, often causes traders to take needless risks through over-trading and ultimately causes them unnecessary losses

Top Forex Targets aims to solve this problem and save traders many hours of analysis time by offering Professional grade services to all traders, including traders with an average or small account size, for only $3.75 per week.

The Solution:

Top Forex Targets provides all traders with the ability to profit from the markets with low cost, Professional analysis including:

  • Key Buy and Sell areas as well as profit targets in the markets each week
  • Currency Index analysis to assess the strength, direction and structure of the individual currencies (Usd, Eur, Gbp, Chf, Jpy, Cad, Aud, Nzd) and comparing them to see which pairs are the best ones to trade each week
  • A tried and tested rule based Forex strategy with a video course & spreadsheet, used to train clients of FCA regulated brokerages in the City of London, for anyone who does not already have a professional strategy to use with the key Buy and Sell areas provided ONLY $49
  • Weekly Planning Session each Monday at 7:30am GMT (recorded) in a Live Trading Room with a former City of London Head Analyst & selected contributor to FX Street
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